Sarah’s First Post

Hello, my name is Sarah.  I am a first year MPA student and currently working on a Waste Stream Development project.  The goal of the project is to bring economic development to Athens County by using recyclables and re-routing the current waste stream.  I am passionate about green works and sustainability so when the proposal for this project was introduced I jumped at the chance to help my community and region.

I am fortunate for this opportunity to learn about non-profit work in a controlled environment through the MPA practicum.  It gives me a chance to use what I have gleaned from the classroom and use it in real world situations.  But I also get the advice from my professors’ aka my safety net.  I know if I have a question or problem that I can go to them for help and will learn how to then handle a similar situation on my own the next time.

Having a mentor in this process is vital for success especially with a recent development in my project. I had an eventful first week back after winter break.  My team of two became a team of one, my partner sadly decided to not continue the program for personal reasons.  I hope that he finds happiness in whatever field he decides to continue his studies in.   It was very short notice but I refuse to let difficulties and obstacles hinder my progress.  My first move after learning the news was talking to Anita; she is the advisor for the practicum.  She immediately told me to stop freaking out and that everything would be all right.  She was right.  I am now working at my own pace, decision-making and time management are non-issues and I was inspired by a new idea today that might be a great way to get funding for our project.  Hopefully I am on a roll!

My first official meeting with the Waste Stream Development group is Thursday and I want to go into the meeting with confidence and a new plan of action.  Change can be hard but hopefully for me change will create new opportunities and help me further the goals of my project.


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