Midterms Week

It’s already week 6 of Winter Quarter—I can’t believe it! It’s a pretty busy week for most of the first years. Most of us are taking Research Methods and Financial Management this quarter and the midterms are this week. There will be many more hours spent in the library before this week is done.

We are also having our second briefing session of the quarter this Friday. The purpose of the briefing sessions is to update our fellow students, instructors and other faculty members about our Practicum projects and get feedback on pieces we are compiling for it. Normally, the feedback is constructive and instructors and practitioners are able to give a different point of view because of their experience. The whole purpose of the Practicum is to learn from experience, so it’s nice to have guidance in the right direction.

My project, in particular, is coming along nicely. Laura and I have basically finished the presentation materials and are sending out emails to community groups this week to see if they want us to give presentations at their meetings either this quarter or next. Our schedule has changed a little, so we will be focusing on preparing the evaluation tools (survey and focus group material) for spring quarter. We plan to set up meetings with Robin Stewart and Dr. Holy Raffle of the Voinovich School (also, my GA boss and Research Methods professor, respectively) who are well versed in evaluation for hints and review of our materials.

As a group, we are preparing for the Capstone Event at the end of next quarter, and, as a co-chair, next week will begin the more intense work of organizing the individual subcommittees to be ready for an end of the quarter meeting.

This quarter is absolutely flying by! Keep your fingers crossed for me that the exams and briefing goes well this week!


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