Amanda plans a trip

Hello all! It’s week 8 and hasn’t slowed down at all! The exams during Week 6 went very well and now classes are gearing up for finals in a couple weeks.

Laura and I have started developing evaluation tools for the Applied Learning project with Passion Works. We have revised the existing volunteer survey, created research protocols and focus group questions for our focus groups within the Studio net quarter. We want to evaluate the effectiveness of the volunteer program from the perspective of the volunteers and the employees of Passion Works Studio, in the hopes that, if changes need to be made, we can do so. We want to be sure that the program is functioning effectively for all parties.

Something else exciting is that I’m going on a trip to Washington D.C.  I have a couple of friends from undergrad living in D.C. now, working for nonprofits and law firms, so I plan to stay with them. Anita Frederick, the Program Coordinator for the Applied Learning Projects, has connected me with various contacts in D.C., including the president of the OU Alumni Association there. They are holding some events that week, including a SMO (Singing Men of Ohio) concert. It should be a great opportunity for me to meet OU alumni who are now working and successful in D.C. Hopefully they can give me some pointers!

The next time I write it will be the end of the quarter—it’s amazing how quickly this quarter flew by!


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