Matthew maps out his project

The MPA Practicum assignment so far has been a challenging and rewarding enterprise. Given the task of creating a Web Site from scratch for the Athens Metropolitan Housing Authority, my partner Brent and I have been challenged. We interacted with the AMHA staff to gather the pertinent information and compile it into information pages for the web site. This task required frequent meetings and communication with the staff members to make sure the proper information was gathered, but also that it was framed in the proper manner for the intended audience.

Additionally, our group acts as the intermediary between the AMHA and the web site developing firm which has been contracted out to. In addition to compiling the information for the web site, inter-organizational communication tactics have been used to facilitate a smooth information sharing process which has improved the project’s efficiency. Our public administration education was instrumental in helping us not only frame the message but also, it helped with the organizational tasks of arranging meetings and keeping everyone on task.

We are also in the process of creating a “toolbox” for the staff of the AMHA which can be used after we have finished the web site. This will not only include a guide on how to update the web site, but also training in useful electronic office tools. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) file sharing has been used to share the files between organizations, and can be used in the future to facilitate similar projects.

Adobe Professional software is being used to update PDF files and also make them fillable electronically to streamline the paperwork process. These tools improve the organizational capacity of the AMHA to approach future projects with an expanding, and increasingly electronic “toolbox” which will serve to make the organization more efficient and effective.


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