Springtime arrives for Amy

Blah, I am starting to feel the crunch of Spring Quarter already and it doesn’t help that the weather has taken a turn for the better. Oh well, must stay motivated!

This week should prove to be an interesting one, between polishing the social media guidelines for the Mayor’s Office, writing internship guidelines and having a meeting with Ron, I also have a boatload of other tasks for my non practicum classes. This quarter I am also in Elections and Campaigns, Social Work in Health Care and Organization Theory. While all three are proving to be interesting, as I mentioned before, spring time is taking its toll on my motivation. However, I’ve been trying to take one day at a time and map out what’s due when and what tasks I HAVE to accomplish each night. It’s working pretty well so far, but sometimes my mind is too confident and I tend to push things back from time to time. All I can say is thank goodness for my little trusty agenda that I carry with me everywhere! For some reason putting tasks into my iPhone calendar is simply not as fun as literally being able to highlight something off my to-do list.

Last meeting I had with Ron we discussed my participation in helping the Office with the “fest” season. This should definitely be entertaining and insightful. I’ll definitely write about it in my blog when the time comes. Overall, I’m just trying to stay with the tide. I’ll definitely be a little relived when this BIG project is over with, but I’ll also be nostalgic for it in a way too! However, for now, I just need to do it, polish it and blow them away at my presentation! Until next time…


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