Amy’s spring turns stressful

This posting is going to be sort of short, just a forewarning. Right now regarding the practicum I am in a way at a stand still. With the “Fest” season approaching, I am waiting anxiously to send out news releases and hear back from Ron about the social media aspect of it all. With only High Fest down, it should be an interesting Spring to see how successful the social media aspects from the Mayor’s Office’s point of view is. I personally think it is a great idea (have you seen the posters around campus/town? Very clever in my opinion!).

On another note,  my other classes are completely bombarding me. I have no idea how I am going to complete all of the reading on my to do list as well as take a midterm (study for the midterm), oh and write about one kajillon (no idea how to spell or if this is even a word…meh…) papers. Exaggeration, yes, but seriously, it’s a lot of papers!  In addition, I am training for my second half marathon (May 7th) which takes lots of time (if only I could hold a textbook and read on the run *sigh*). One thing I can say about the work load is although its stressful, I actually do enjoy my courses this quarter (not that I usually don’t!).  However, I just try to keep the same mentality “no weekends for graduate students, right?!?!?! Mmmm…I don’t know about that, but at least for a couple weeks that may be how it seems. I’ll update you in two weeks after some of my assignments have been turned in and I can assure I’ll probably feel like a boulder has been lifted off my back! Tata for now!


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