Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

In my undergraduate career, I was fortunate enough to go to one of the top five journalism schools in the country. However, one thing I felt I lacked when I graduated was metrics tools. I feel like I learned so many ways to collect information, but no real ways to evaluate it.

And then came quantitative research methods and my graduate assistantship.

For my GA position, I have been assigned to assist in evaluating the Law and Leadership Institute. LLI is a program for high school students in the state of Ohio ultimately aimed at getting more minority applicants to law schools within the state.  Thus far, I have really enjoyed the work I’m doing. I’ve been able to further develop my writing skills while learning a ton of different metrics tools.

I really think graduate assistant positions are beneficial because in just nine weeks of grad school, I’ve gotten some great public administration experience. Next quarter, I’ll be starting practicum, and they have offered me the opportunity to make mine an extension of my GA. I’ll be taking on more program evaluation projects, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

(PS – How about that Bobcat win last night!? OU Oh Yeah!)


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