One Step at a Time

There was a time during undergrad that I thought I was busy. My present self scoffs at that girl. Regardless, I rarely undertake more than I am capable, and I am not one to do anything halfway.

Because of this bind, my next two weeks are going to be absolute madness—but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I am trying to work ahead so I am ready for my Econ final on Monday, the final project for Program Evaluation on Wednesday, the final paper for U.S. Fiscal Policy on Thursday, and the final homework assignment for Econ on Thursday as well.

Last Friday, we donated and served lunch at the Nelsonville Community Center as a part of the hours needed to complete the Appalachian Poverty Project for Econ. Every time I go there, I feel so thankful that I have been afforded the opportunities I have—it is truly eye-opening. Yesterday, my group gave our presentation on this project and what we’ve learned, so that’s another assignment to check off the list.

My current project is to finish a draft of my final project for Program Evaluation because our professor has volunteered to read through drafts and give feedback. This is so helpful because it is a technical style of writing that most of us who have been in academia forever have never truly learned. Plus, if I put the work in now, it will make next week that much easier.

At work, we are in the process of setting up meetings and taking on new communities for my assistantship project, which is pretty exciting. I have been doing research on hydraulic fracturing (or fracking), a method of retrieving natural gas from shale formations. This information will hopefully be helpful to communities in the shale play (whether it be Utica or Marcellus).

One thing that is keeping me going is that when finals are finished, it will be Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. Plus, as of November 25, it will be the official start to the Christmas season, meaning I get to bust out my caroling kittens sweater. Intrigued? I thought so. It’s definitely worth the wait. 🙂

And for your weekly quote, and the one that is keeping me going:

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future– concentrate the mind on the present moment.”-Buddha

We’re always so focused on what’s coming next, what projects are due, what’s going on in our personal lives, etc, that we forget to stop and take a breath every once in a while. I’m learning slowly to take it one day at a time and enjoy today; it’s a gift—that’s why they call it the present! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the opportunity for the awesome cliché). Corny or not, think about it.

Happy Week 10!


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