Planning for the Future

As a new year and new quarter begin, new endeavors inevitably begin as well.  This quarter we first year students have begun our required practicum experience. I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to make mine an extension of my GA position. This works out well for me because not only did I very much enjoy the work I did fall quarter, but I really like the idea of putting in more weekly hours in an office setting.

I am one of few MPA students who didn’t take any time between my bachelors and masters degrees, so I lack job experience that a lot of my classmates have. While I have held several internships, I think it’s important to have as much real job experience as possible so I’ll feel prepared for the 9-5 “real world” of my future. During winter quarter I’ll be working in the GA office 24 hours per week (yes, I realize this is much less than the average full-time job) which will give me time to not only get more work done in each day but also work on multiple projects throughout the quarter.

One of the projects I’m most excited about starting is researching and developing a social media plan for the Voinovich School. Since much of my undergrad and internship experience revolves around PR, specifically social media, I have been asked to help work on a plan for the School. I have just begun researching what similar schools are doing, and am finding some cool information – it really pays to be passionate about what you’ll (hopefully) be doing for the rest of your life.

I can’t wait to report more about my research and development of the plan.

Happy week one!


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