Taking Some ‘Me’ Time

I know my fellow bloggers and I discuss this topic a lot, but it is always on the back-burner of our minds–It seems like the work never ends. There’s always some kind of work that can be done, whether it is for work or class. This can be incredibly overwhelming for some people. I know it was for me at first. I read a blog post today about the importance of learning to say no, which is a skill I am only just developing. Until you can learn the skills to manage your time effectively, life in grad school can seem overbearing and not doable.

But I promise you it is.

One method I’ve learned over the past year to help me cope is the importance of “me” time. I recommend that every grad student (and every person for that matter) take time out of everyday just for you. Do something that makes you happy. Have something to look forward to. This can make all the difference in maintaining your sanity and making sure that you produce consistently good work.

I personally have started going to some of the awesome fitness classes offered at the recreation center at Ping. Zumba (and all of the awesome endorphins it provides) is something I have to look forward to 3 times per week. I also like to hang out with my significant other and my friends, laugh, and relax. These are the activities during the week that keep me happy.

Without having these activities to look forward to, it can feel like all I do is work—like work defines who I am. But it’s not. There’s so much more to me than the work I do. My chosen career path is a reflection of myself and my values, but so are the people I surround myself with and my extracurricular.

I normally leave you with a quote at the end of my posts, but I think it is more important to leave you with an assignment this week—take some time this week and do something you love. You’ll feel happier and more relaxed for it. I promise 🙂

Happy week 4!


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