Looking to the Future

Sorry that I’m late in my post this week, wonderful readers. This has been a beyond crazy week. So, in lieu of my most recent attempts of being reflective, I’ll just give you an update.

IT’S ALREADY WEEK 5!! When did that happen exactly??!  Because we’re reaching the middle of the quarter, work is starting to pile up a bit. It also doesn’t help that I am headed to California this weekend (be jealous) to visit my brother and grandparents. I’m looking forward to the sunny and 75 degree weather!

However, before I leave, I need to not only finish my work for the week, including a management exam Thursday, but also begin pre-work for next week. Luckily, my assignments are pretty well spread out this quarter, so I shouldn’t fall too far behind.

I’m also preparing for my trip to Washington D.C. over spring break. I’ll be attending the IEDC (International Economic Development Council, for those who don’t remember) Federal Forum, after I help with the Habitat for Humanity of Ohio 2012 conference the weekend before in Columbus. I’m excited to visit my friend who has been living in D.C., especially since I’ll be there for his birthday—I think we’re going to Medieval Times! I’m planning on visiting a second cousin who lives in Richmond for the afternoon to gather more insight about the work that he does for the Federal Reserve.

I’m actively trying not to think too far past spring break though—that’s when I need to start applying majorly for nonprofit and consulting jobs in D.C. I’m nervous, but also crazy excited. ‘Tis the life of a grad student, I suppose.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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