A Fresh Perspective

Hello! My name is Roman Suer and I am a first-year MPA student here at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. I’m excited to be a new contributor to the MPA blog and hope that my experiences provide some insight into my life as an MPA student and citizen of Athens, Ohio. Currently, I’m enrolled in two classes, Public Budgeting and Nonprofit Management, both of which are interesting and are providing me with skills necessary for life in the public sector, regardless of where I end up. At this point I’m not entirely sure of what my post-graduation plans are, but I’ll be sure to post such content as the quarter progresses. Currently, an enthusiastic collection of career interests are floating around in my head that may need some distilling as I continue with the program.

So, a little about me: I was raised on the West coast of Puerto Rico with my parents and two siblings, and have been living in Athens for the past decade. Yes, I am a townie – and proud! Athens has provided me with great opportunities that I would not have had anywhere else. I am an OU alumnus – having graduated this past spring with a major in Organizational Communication Studies, minors in Spanish and Linguistics, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Global Leadership Center certificates. I worked at the Office of International Student and Faculty Services for three years during my undergrad as Layout Designer and Copy Editor for the online publication, the International Voice, and also served as Program Coordinator for this past spring’s International Week festivities.

When I’m not in school or working, I rehearse and perform with an African drum and dance nonprofit touring company called Azaguno, with which I’ve had the privilege of performing at numerous festivals and conferences domestically and internationally. The company has helped me explore my passion for music and has enabled me to share the cultures of various African and Caribbean nations through song, dance, drum, and theater. I have a loving family that has always inspired me to push further and explore various opportunities and it is my hope that I make it proud. My goal is to absorb as much knowledge and applied learning at the Voinovich School that I can so that I may apply it to a career that fits my varied interests. My thinking is that doing so would ensure that I serve the public with dignity and respect.

—Roman Suer


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