Introducing Renée Hagerty

Hello Blogosphere,

I mean, Hi!

Hey. I’m Renée.

No wait, I have absolutely no idea how this is supposed to start.


Here goes nothing?

I am a 20 year old sophomore Political Science major in the HTC at Ohio University who hasn’t grown into her limbs yet. My only convictions are that this world needs help and that people are beautiful. The Amanda J. Cunningham Leadership Center told me about 18 months ago that the reason I am so torn on matters of importance is that I have an evenly split blue/green personality. This means issues of emotion are just as important to me as those of rationality. As such, I often play a duel role of optimistic realist. My mom says that’s just practical hope. I think it’s all contextual.

Anything that has a definition to you beyond the dictionary has the potential to have a different context for me. That’s why I am rarely convinced enough to have convictions. I do have understandings. I have decided to make this decade my best yet. That means a lot of learning, searching, and exploring opportunities for new understanding. Maybe future musings will interest you. This is just the start.


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