That End-of-the-Week Exhaustion

Why is it the weeks feel so long and yet the quarter manages to fly by?  Always by the end of the day Friday I feel exhausted, both mentally and physically.  And yet I am going to attempt to make myself do some homework before venturing out tonight.  As soon as I finish writing this and listening to some good music…

Lately I have been feeling conflicted between the work for my classes and wanting to focus on my thesis.  I seem to have new ideas for my thesis every day, and am in a constant struggle to figure out what is worthwhile to pursue and what is simply inflated in my mind.  I have already been longing for spring break for a chance to let my mind rest.  Before that rapidly approaching day, I must complete two papers and a draft of my thesis proposal.  It is beginning to look questionable how this will be accomplished, although panic has not quite set in.  And gorgeous days like today that call to me to be out in the sun instead of stuck staring at a computer screen are not helping with being productive.

I always find a way to buckle down and accomplish what I need to in the end though.  Maybe it’s fear of failure and disappointing those in my life.  Perhaps it’s the hope that this degree will actually take me to bigger and better things.  That all of this insanity is for a reason.

—Elizabeth Migliore


One thought on “That End-of-the-Week Exhaustion

  1. I am soft skills trainer and i think you sound worked up and you need peace of mind. You need to relax, listen to music or anything that keeps you away from thinking.

    Secondly, set your priorities what you like… go with the flow of your feelings and mood first and later tame your mind and body to what you consider is most important to you.

    Do you like to take the pain and trouble now to achieve your goal? Or willing to pay the price later?

    Believe in yourself and have faith. Practice not to have negative thoughts crossing your mind for next coming week.


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