Goldilocks Complex

During the span of my educational career, I have felt a little like Goldilocks throughout the process.  While I don’t hang wander into strange homes, eat porridge or know any talking bears, I can somewhat relate to her conundrum.

I didn’t have any choice in which high school I attended.  My location and parents were the determining votes in that decision process.  I went to the same school from pre-school up through high school.  My little rural Indiana school produced 70 graduates my senior year.  Oh, did I mention that I graduated from the same high school as my parents?  One look at my last name and most of my k-12 teachers knew my parents and aunt and uncles.  My parents graduated with several of my classmates’ parents, too.  My high school was just too small.

During my college selection, I wanted something bigger.  I was ready to trade in my puddle-sized high school.  I found what I was looking for at Indiana University.  I entered into a world as a complete stranger.  It’s easy to blend in with the crowd of a few thousand.  Having class with 200 other students was not uncommon.  While I loved those huge lectures, I never got to know the person sitting next to me or talk one-on-one with the professor.  My undergraduate college was just too big.

Next up comes graduate school.  I still stood firm that my high school, while it had a lot to offer, was still too small.  I loved my time at IU, but I had not suddenly erupted into a big enough extrovert to justify another large university.  Instead, I landed at Ohio University.  I’m happy to say, it has been the perfect fit.

Here in Athens I have struck a great balance in the battle between too big and too small.  My professors know me by name and our little cohort in the MSES program is well established. I learn something new from and about the people who have entered my life since moving here.  Athens is quickly becoming a home away from home.  Unlike Goldilocks, I plan on hanging around for a while.


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