The Trials and Tribulations of the End of the Quarter

As week 9 comes to a close end of the quarter assignments begin to creep up on us. Case in point: Dr. Ryu’s budgeting paper.

After several days of stressful writing, I finally finished a draft I felt good about. And then it disappeared (or so I thought). I worked on my paper back and forth on my personal computer and work putting some extra hours in in the lab for the past week. On Tuesday, I emailed what I thought was a 10-page draft to myself with triumph – so excited that I FINALLY finished the hard part.

Wednesday morning I went to open the file and it was only five pages long. Enter panic. I frantically called the OU IT department and likely sensing my desperation, the student offered to come up to the lab I work in at the Ridges and try to help me.

After about 10 minutes of MacGyver-ing, he somehow found my paper, but it definitely made me realize I need to be way more careful when saving my work.

Here are some tips:

  1. Save frequently, and to a memory stick of some kind. I had downloaded my document from my email, and turns out that means it wasn’t really saved on my computer. Definitely don’t think that your work is auto-saving either, because it probably isn’t!
  2. Put your text in a Google doc as a backup! Uploading even just the text of your work to a Google document ensures that you won’t lose it – even if the purse that holds your thumb drive gets stolen, and you can access it from any computer.
  3. After you save, make sure you reopen the document to make sure all your work is intact.

I’m using my major panic and almost-heart attack as a learning opportunity, so please learn from my mistakes!


One thought on “The Trials and Tribulations of the End of the Quarter

  1. 1) The cloud could have saved you!

    2) Never open a doc from an e-mail and make changes to it.

    3) Fortunately, alls well that ends well.

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