Spring Break Developments

Hello everyone! Happy Spring Quarter! Can you believe its spring already?! The sunshine tells me it is, but it still doesn’t feel real yet. This quarter is already shaping up to be intense!

My trip to D.C. over break was great! I was able to attend the IEDC conference and meet quite a few economic developers from across the nation. Jeff Finkle, the President and CEO (but more importantly, an OU alum and Voinovich School Fellow), was gracious enough to let me attend—the conference is always informational and I found a new topic in economic development that I want to research more! I also had the opportunity to meet with Neal Denton of the American Red Cross (also an OU alum!), who was great—I got feedback on my resume and some pointers for moving to D.C. I’m getting antsy, since it’s only a couple months away!

This quarter I’m taking Public Policy Analysis and Nonprofit Fundraising. Both classes seem like they will be interesting, and will add some extra structure to my quarter. I don’t technically need either class to graduate (could have done that last quarter), but why pass up the opportunity to learn something new? I also have my Portfolio to complete this quarter…I have all of the papers together, I just need to edit!

Work this quarter will consist of wrapping up my time at the Voinovich School. I’m working on the Semi-Annual Report to turn in at the beginning of April, as well as a final report for one of our communities. It’s bittersweet to know I’ll be leaving at the end of quarter. I’ve enjoyed my time at the school and have learned more in the last year and a half than I did in all of undergrad (things I’ll be able to apply to the real world anyway), but it feels like time to move on.

I’m finally to the point where I’m ready to graduate and start my life in D.C. I have a plan for applying for jobs, so keep your fingers crossed for me! Not having a very specific plan is torture for me (the girl who lives for her color-coded work-plans), but I’ve heard that’s the norm for many who move straight to D.C.—you have to be ready for anything.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” –Lewis Carroll

Whatever you say, Mr. Carroll—I’ll take your word for it!

Hope you all have a great Week 1!


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