New Quarter, New Experiences

Week one of the last Spring Quarter ever at Ohio University (we’re making the switch to semesters next year) is already upon us.

This quarter, I’m taking Organizational Theory and Public Policy Analysis as well as finishing up my practicum. I think org theory will be very interesting, the professor has gotten rave reviews from those who have had her before, and the subject matter is interesting as well. Public Policy Analysis should be great as well, we’re focusing the class on the Ports Future project being conducted in the Voinovich School.

My work this quarter in my assistantship and practicum will continue to focus on the Belmont Safe Schools Initiative, research on promising practices in affordable rural housing and I will continue to work on revamping the social media efforts of the school (If you haven’t already, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter).

I recently was offered a job working for a campaign in my home state of West Virginia for the summer. I’ve wanted to work for a campaign since interning on Capitol Hill last summer, so I’m very excited to have finally been offered the opportunity.

Hopefully everyone is having a relaxing week one and can go out and enjoy this weather!


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