The Real World: Post-Grad

After re-reading my blog post from last week, I realized that I sound like I have one foot out the door this quarter—which is kind of true, but I wanted to provide some clarification on my thoughts and feelings this week.


Getting your Master’s degree is tough—there’s no denying it. I’ve worked incredibly hard over the past year and a half at the Voinovich School, trying to put my best work forward and seize all of the opportunities that have been made available through the school. School work was always my first priority, and has been for the past 19 years.

I’m now moving into a stage of life where I hope to use everything I’ve gained through my schooling and apply it to the real world. This is so bizarre to me, since I know of nothing but school (aside from practicum, GA and internship experience—which is great, but was all done in a very safe environment). The real world is going to be different. There’s no safety net after June.

This is why I’m feeling antsy—I feel not only incredibly prepared for a “big girl” job because of the experience I’ve gained throughout the past couple of years, but also ready. I’ve spent 19 years focusing on school, so I’m ready to focus on life.

So, this quarter, be prepared for some possibly frustrated and antsy posts because I’m about to move onto another part of my life which is exciting and unnerving. I have a lot to accomplish outside of school work (i.e. job hunting, traveling to and from DC, finding apartments, closing out my work with the school, etc) that I haven’t had to deal with much before. If I don’t seem as focused this quarter, this is why!


In other news, I’m settling into classes well—Policy should be interesting because we are studying a project at the school that I was involved in loosely, and Fundraising will be a useful skill to me later in nonprofit work, so I’m looking forward to learning more about that. I’m still working on the semi- annual report for REAP, as well as a couple other small projects, so nothing new and exciting on that front.

Happy Week 2 everyone!


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