Resisting the Status Quo and Becoming Yourself

This week, I’m excited to share a guest blog post from a fellow first-year MPA student, Crescent Gallagher:

If you would have met me in high school, four short years ago, you wouldn’t have recognized me. The reason for this is in high school I was an isolationist that had no desired to be involved in school. When I arrived in Athens Ohio in 2008, I told myself one thing, be involved. If I have learned anything from my college experience it is that opportunities are numerous and often unexpected. When new chances for you to further your knowledge and experiences appear in this world, you must take them.

I came to college not knowing anybody from my hometown and three hours away from home. I joined one club and then quickly rose to the executive board of it. I created a club and even ran for student senate. I got involved with local politics which lead to friendships with state politicians. Since I stayed in Athens to work on political campaigns it lead me to taking summer classes and graduating in three years. Graduating in three years forced me to look harshly at Graduate school, which I changed programs at the last second to MPA.

It is easy to stay with the status qou because for most people the status qou is comfortable. It is hard to challenge yourself by placing yourself in situations you are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with, but how does one fully understand themselves if they never try new things? I came to college with a clean slate and changed my whole life in a few years. I would not have been able to do that if I did not forced myself to be involved. So my advice in life is, be confident and always take the road less traveled because you never know what you will discover about yourself.


One thought on “Resisting the Status Quo and Becoming Yourself

  1. Do you find yourself always thinking of what’s to come and what has passed? Do you feel you always have to be achieving just for the sake of it? Why is this blog post about resisting the status quo? Just Questions.

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