Springing Into Action

I can’t believe it’s already the third week of spring quarter. I feel like most of my blogs have begun with my astonishment at how quickly the program has passed, but it’s hard to ignore something as omnipresent as time. I feel like I’m constantly reminded of how compressed the MPA experience is – not that it’s any fault of the MPA program. On the contrary, it’s amazing to think back to the classes and
applied learning experiences I’ve had in only two quarters at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. I already feel much more prepared to have a career than I did after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree. Even just gaining a better understanding and appreciation of how much the public and private sectors are intertwined is important information that I would have been disadvantaged not
knowing at the start of a career.

All the opportunities I’ve had so far with the Regional Nonprofit Alliance, Raccoon Creek Partnership, and now with Rural Action have been invaluable in providing an applied understanding about the relationship that each sector has with the other and the roles they play in providing goods and services to the country’s communities and to the country as a whole. When job hunting, those experiences will mean just as much or more as the classes I’ve taken.

This all-around education is what makes OU’s MPA program so unique. This quarter I’m taking Organizational Theory and Politics and Financial Management and will be aiding Rural Action in its marketing efforts and with the publication of its e-newsletter, the Rural Rambler. It appears that this summer I’ll even be able to earn credit toward the MPA degree in Ghana with the African Culture
through the Arts program. The willingness of the Voinovich School’s faculty to accommodate the interests of its students is also what makes this experience so unique. But for now, I look forward to another quarter and to the exciting challenges it will surely bring.


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