Thoughts on classes and the future

Hello readers!

It’s week three already! It’s sort of amazing how time has flown by already this quarter!

Much of my spare time is now being spent searching for jobs and preparing for future trips to the D.C. area. I’m tagging along with a classmate next week for a trip to D.C. and I’m super excited for it! I was just there, but hopefully I’ll be able to continue to make contacts in the area and keep searching for jobs while I’m there. I know for certain I’ll be going to two happy hour/ mixers: one for young professionals in nonprofits and another with OU alum. It should be an all around helpful trip!

I’ve applied for quite a few jobs already this quarter. It’s getting to be about time where I can start applying for jobs with nonprofits and private firms and the beginning dates are after graduation (I will walk and they will pronounce my name correctly this time!)

As for class, Public Policy has been divided into certain research questions. I’m currently exploring the economic backbone of the Jackson-Pike-Scioto-Ross county area, partisan politics surrounding nuclear energy in Ohio at the time of siting the Portsmouth Plant, and environmental and economic issues surrounding BRACs (Base Closure and Realignment) because similar effects will surround the PORTSfuture area. It’s pretty cool to be studying a project that I’ve already worked on through my GA and see the policy side of it, as opposed to the administrative side.

In Fundraising, we are looking at making the “ask” which is the worst part about fundraising. Asking people for money has never been something I’ve been interested in, but gaining more insight and skills in the area of making the ask should make easier to apply in a work setting.

At work, I’m still working on the semi-annual report, as well as tying up some loose ends for the project. I’m trying to figure out a comprehensive strategy for recording and filing the project, not only for administrative papers around the project but for each community we have worked with. Since I know the folders very well from working on this project for so long, it hasn’t been too difficult of a task. Plus, I’m really enjoying digging through some of my old work. And you all know me by know—I love to organize.

I’m doing my absolute best at looking toward the future but also trying to focus on my work now. As the weather is getting warmer (or at least it was!), I’m remembering all of my awesome Spring Quarters spent here in Athens (this is the 6th!) and am getting a bit nostalgic. It is pretty crazy how quickly my time here has gone by and I really want to enjoy my last couple months of college.

Happy Week 3 and I hope you get to enjoy some sun this week!


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