Week Four Tranquility

This week has been a huge sigh of relief for me. Last week end was the annual ice show at the rink here on campus, in which my students and the synchronized skating team showcased our hard work from the season. I have to say it’s really nice to finally have my evenings free to catch up on readings and assignments for class. Even though we only have two classes this quarter because of practicum, I’m taking Org. Theory and Public Policy Analysis, both which require a fair amount of reading.

Tonight, the first-year MPA’s will be getting together in order to film videos and take some photos for our practicum event which will take place next month. We have a great committee putting together a video where each of us will be interviewed about our experiences in practicum (who we worked for, what we learned, etc.) and taking some photos to be presented at the event. A few of us will give brief talks about our projects at the event, too.

Overall, it gives us an outlet to show our peers as well as the faculty and staff at the school what we’ve been working hard on all quarter.


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