Halfway there

I never realize what week it is until I write my blog posts. We are officially halfway done with the quarter, which is awesome and terrifying all at the same time. The quarter has flown by—and I want my beautiful spring weather back!

As I mentioned in the last post, I spent the majority of last week in Washington D.C. I got to relax, explore the city, and meet a few more OU alum working in the area. One alum invited us along to a Washington Nationals game with him and his co-workers from the EPA. It was a great time! Another alum in D.C. is someone I worked with as a cashier in high school—that was a blast from the past, but very cool all at the same time.

I really appreciate the alumni network that the Voinovich School is forming for graduates who plan to move to D.C. Having the social and professional connections in the area makes all the difference in a town like D.C. that focuses on who you know. With the contacts I made, I’m continuing on my current path of applying for everything, but especially jobs in the area of international development.

Between my interest in economic development, planning and experience working internationally, I’m thinking overseas is where I want to end up. Of course, I want to spend time in D.C.—why would I be working so hard to move there otherwise?—but I’m itching to use my passport again. Traveling has been a love of mine for years, and to be able to do it professionally would be a dream.

On a work related note, because of last week’s travels, I have some catching up to do. Policy papers due Wednesday and the final report for REAP due next Monday—eep! Lots to do this week and no time for slacking!

In other news, I read “The Hunger Games” in its entirety this past week/ weekend. One of my classmates said that I should be in the test group for anything they hope to be popular, because if it will, I’ll love it. Spending the week with my nose buried in a book also reminded me how much I love reading. Though what we read in class is informative and sometimes provocative, it’s still required. Reading for fun is something I’ve always loved to do because it keeps me sane.

What activities do you do as a distraction or reprieve from the stress of work/ school life?

Happy Week 5!


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