Excited About the Future

In my last blog, I posted about the importance of perseverance. I said that things happen and don’t for a reason. As much as I wanted the trip to Ghana to happen this summer with the African Culture through the Arts program, the trip was cancelled. However, the connections I had made in the process of applying for the Ghana trip led to another great opportunity. I will be going to Scotland this summer with the Edinburgh: City and the Environment program!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted visit Scotland and now not only will I be able to see most of the country, I’ll earn credits toward both my MPA degree and my Environmental Sustainability graduate certificate. In addition, I will be interning with the Cockburn Association, a civic society that advocates for issues regarding transportation, planning and the environment in the city of Edinburgh. Although all my practicum hours will have been fulfilled by the time I leave for Scotland, this experience will be incredibly valuable because I will gain insight into the workings of an urban planning entity in one of Europe’s most progressive cities. None of this would have been possible without the dedicated faculty at the Voinovich School that makes education as exciting and meaningful as possible for its students.

As for now, I must focus on the AZA concert that I will be African dancing and drumming in on May at Mem Aud, read up on articles for Organizational Theory on leadership in organizations, get working on the next assignment for Financial Management, do book edits for a Voinovich School faculty member, and compile information from Rural Action’s various programs into the organization’s e-newsletter, the Rural Rambler. Life is simultaneously exciting and with exception to the humidity, comfortable.


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