Portmouth Visit and Other Week 7 Happenings

Holy Week 7, Batman! This quarter is flying by! As always, there seems like more to do than time: meetings, work, class, homework, research, job application, job interviews, spending time with friends, working out, reading for fun, etc.

This past weekend was relaxing—I did my work a little bit ahead of time, so I actually got to hang out with my roommate, and a friend from Columbus came to visit. It was the perfect break that I needed.

This week is proving already to be a challenge: I am taking a tour of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant tomorrow for the policy analysis class. We’ve been studying the site and policies surrounding it all quarter, so we get to venture out there to check it out for the morning and afternoon. If you want to learn more about the site and the project facilitated by the Voinovich School, check out this website: http://www.portsfuture.com/

I’m also attending the “Key Challenges Facing the Public Sector” panel on Thursday in Walter Hall. It starts at 10:00am, so come if you can! The panelists (including Senator Voinovich) will be discussing a number of issues, and it should be a great event. I was invited to lunch with one of the panelists and a couple of other students after the event, so I’m also looking forward to that opportunity.

These two events make this week pretty interesting, but also completely throw off my routine (which is good…needs to happen every once in a while), so I’ll be working around my normal schedule to fill my hours for the week.

Next week will be equally as crazy, as I’m going home for a night for a dentist appointment and my mom’s birthday (exciting stuff, I know). Classes are trucking along. I’m working with other students in policy on an economic development policy analysis, and in fundraising, we have a Letter of Inquiry due.

The end of the quarter is fast approaching, but I’m trying my best to make time for things other than school—enjoying the weather, spending time with friends, seeing family, etc. It keeps me happy and calm, despite any external stress.

Enjoy your week!



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