A Whirlwind Week

This week we I had some very exciting PA experiences.

First, myself, Dr. Ruhil and the other students in class (like fellow blogger Amanda Janice) traveled to Portsmouth to visit the Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Our public policy class has been centered around the repurposing of the plant, which the Voinovich School has been contracted to assist with. Out class has been tasked with coming up with policy background information (my group is working on the economic development portion). At the plant we toured the facility and learned the history of the plant. As a history lover, I really enjoyed learning more about the Cold War-era happenings and how the plant adjusted once it was over. It really gave me a different perspective on the project, as well as a new energy for learning more about it. (Check out the virtual museum here.)

Yesterday, Senator Voinovich himself visited my organization theory class to talk with us about public-private partnerships. During his time as mayor of Cleveland, he utilized public-private partnerships to makeover the city’s infrastructure. It was great to hear how it worked from the person who engineered it. I definitely suggest you check out the George Voinovich Archives oh the OU Library website.

In other news, we’re starting to get down to the wire with week eight just around the corner. I can’t believe the last quarter at Ohio University EVER is almost over, (as we are switching to semesters next year) it’s hard to believe.

Have a great weekend!


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