Wrapping up Spring Quarter

Each Winter and Spring quarter for first-year MPA students dedicate the majority of their time to our parcticum experience. Each student is placed with either a local nonprofit or business or a project team in the Voinovich School in order to get the applied learning experience our school is all about. My practicum experience was an extension of my graduate assistantship with the PEER Team, which was great because I learned very valuable research skills, and how to successfully manage multiple projects at the same time.

Last week we had our ‘Celebration of Learning’ practicum presentations, during which we talked about what we learned. I was inspired by participating and being an attendee. Our speakers included Dr. Weinberg, a few of the practicum supervisors and one student, Kayla Wyers (who you will be hearing from this summer about her study abroad experience). The speakers messages really congealed; all spoke of why the Voinovich School really is (As Dr. W says) a “do-tank”. Our students, faculty and staff all have passion for what they do, and want to make a difference through their work.

In other news, I wrapped up my final papers on economic development in Appalachia, the Senator Voinovich Archives and how to restore the people’s trust in government (three different papers). I can honestly say I enjoyed writing all three.

I start work on a congressional campaign in my home state next week and can’t wait to share my experiences. Have a great summer!


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