A New Chapter

Hello, Voinovich School Blog readers! This is my last blog for the site—on Friday, I graduate and Saturday I move to Washington D.C.!

I can’t believe it’s here already—it seems like not so long ago that I started my time at the Voinovich School, completely stressed out about starting grad school and hyped up on 4 cups of coffee for orientation. Since then, GVS has become my home away from home—I’ve been a staple in the Building 22 computer lab since that September.

But this is what I have been preparing for over the past 2 years—between my GA, internships, practicum, and loads of coursework, I’m prepared to go into the workforce. As for the transition into adulthood, I’m a little unsteady. My whole “adult” life has been spent on this campus, surrounded by other students getting their education and the mountains of brick. Now, it’s finally time to leave.

Change is always bittersweet—it’s necessary if you intend to grow, but it’s also scary, because change also brings the unknown.

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.”- Winston Churchill

For me, this is the right direction—I’ve been preparing for this my whole life, and especially in the last two years.

It has been a pleasure to write for this blog over the last couple of years, and I appreciate you reading. I hope I provided a window into the life of a student of Public Administration.

Best of luck!



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