Meet Kayla Wyers

Hello everyone, I hope your summers are going well. Mine is just about to get started as I end my hours of summer work here with Project LAUNCH and spend about a week home before embarking on my first ever trip to South Africa. I am so excited for this trip that I am not sure how to translate what I am feeling into words.

This opportunity is through a study abroad program here at Ohio University. One of the things that drew me to apply is because this program is designed to be a five-week field experience opportunity. We will be spending some time during our first week in the classroom at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University but then we will spend the rest of our time with a non-profit organization we are placed with.
The purpose of this program is to provide placements working with vulnerable populations in HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness. I do not know my placement as of now but am anxious to find out where I will be working.

Although I am going on this trip with mostly counseling students, this program is perfectly suited for my education in Public Administration. Our final assignment for the program is an organization assessment for our placement. Our program director said that the organizations are very grateful that this evaluation is incorporated in our work. It is my hope that as one of a handful of students from different
disciplines, I can provide a unique perspective and knowledge of public sector organizations.

I leave for Port Elizabeth, South Africa on July 13th and I look forward to writing more about my experiences there!


2 thoughts on “Meet Kayla Wyers

  1. Kayla Myers
    congratulations on taking advantage of this great opportunity with project LAUNCH and your schools study abroad program. I came across your achievement through the Voinovich Leadership and public affairs Facebook page. What you are doing is amazingly inspiring. I am in an ornganization (the Power of 9 for Youth by Yourh ob) that is doing HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Our goal is to persuade youth ageds 10-19 and residents in the local area to get tested. I am interested in Public administration also and after my freshman year at a community college this fall, is considering Ohio university after! Thank you for sharing your excitement and being apart of the project. Keep us all updated!

  2. Kayla Wyers
    Congratulations on… (though the spell check on my iPad is helpful, it seems to think it knows how to spell everyone’s last name. My apologies Ms. Wyers!) have a wonderful experience.

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