Meet Crescent Gallagher

One of the hardest things in the world, for me, is to describe myself. It is often something I struggle with in interviews. I was originally born in Los Angeles, California, but after a few events ended up in the Akron, Ohio area where I grew up. When the time came to pursue higher education, I fell in love with Ohio University due to its distance away from my parents for my own independence, its natural beauty, and its laid back atmosphere that fits my own. I finished my undergrad in three years from Ohio University earning a degree in Political Science and during this time quickly became a political enthusiast which led to my involvement with many local campaigns in the area. If you ask anyone that knows me personally, they will tell you I am always willing and love to discuss politics and policy theory.

As my undergrad came to a close, I opted to go to graduate school to study the other side of politics, non-profit and policy; instead of furthering my knowledge of the side I have become familiar with, campaigns, and instead of attending law-school which was my original plan. I can safely say, I have made the right decision and been able to flourish under the Voinovich’s schools philosophy of applied
learning. I am currently the Graduate Assistant for the Appalachian Rural Health Institute, where I am able to pursue my new interest of rural health services and health policy. In my free time I enjoy being outside, playing sports which I am an active golfer, and believing in Cleveland sports teams.


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