Professional Stress

October is, by far, the most exciting month during the first half of the year for Ohio University Students. We have Homecoming, my personal favorite, and the Halloween block party to take part in. As everybody is begging their favorite alumni to visit and trying to decide what to be for Halloween, I am preparing for the busiest time of my young professional career.

In September, I attempted writing my first grant in two weeks, something that should not be attempted, and held my first professional meeting with the strategic planning council for the Ohio Rural Health Association. These two tasks stressed me beyond belief and I am not someone who usually gets stressed. While I was writing a grant and holding a strategic meeting I also had to balance school, other GA work, the upcoming election (because I still keep my political science roots alive) and a social life, what is that right? September, even though rough, prepared me for stressful situations in the future and boy, will I need it for October.

I will be presenting with the National Rural Health Association at the 2012 Statewide Rural Health Conference at Deer Creek State Park. If it goes anything like my first strategic planning meeting, I will need to be prepared to defend my vision and answer any concerns or questions. This meeting is extremely important to the progression of the Ohio Rural Health Association; it is the first time we will get a perspective that has not been involved in the planning process thus far. In addition to this presentation, we are also planning National Rural Health Day, so be on the lookout for this great event! It should be incredibly informative for anybody that is interested in health and give some real visibility to rural health in general. Even though my graduate assistantship, at time is stressful, it has been the most awarding experience in the past five years of college and I cannot wait to see what it throws at me next!


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