Voinovich Ventures: The First Six Weeks

Walking into the Voinovich School on my first day of work, I was unaware of what my responsibilities would be. A new world of professionalism and esteemed academics was at my fingertips. I was both nervous and excited. A month and a half later I am proud to say I am a confident Voinovich School Scholar.

Some days I find myself immersed in emails and writing copy, while other days are spent archiving article after article. I find the busier days better; busy days pass by quickly and I leave with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. I personally believe it is better to be busy than bored, a motto I hope to stay true to throughout my time at the Voinovich School.

Whether it is drafting up a press release for the Ohio Education Research Center or marketing for the “Budget Hero” game initiative, I find myself practicing crucial skills that will be valuable for real world experiences. Not only does this position give me the chance to meet and work alongside important faculty and professors, but it offers many opportunities to practice both written and verbal communication as well.

In any professional setting, communication is key. As an employer, teacher, manager or executive, it is important to ask questions and probe responses. It turns out doing so makes your final project, whether it be a short email or full-fledge project, much more informative and overall successful. Learning to utilize resources and step outside of the comfort zone are skills that put you a step ahead. They are also skills the Voinovich School teaches.

Looking back at day one, I find it hard to believe the word “scholar” intimidated me. The projects I work on and the people I collaborate with show me I am capable of anything as long as I work hard and with confidence.

I believe I entered the word of professionalism and esteemed academics and succeeded…so far! I look forward to the many posts I will be writing in the next seven months. Hopefully each new post will be lined with new lessons learned and more knowledge gained.


One thought on “Voinovich Ventures: The First Six Weeks

  1. Thanks Mollie for all your hard work on the Budget Hero event. You made it a success and got us some good coverage. Would love to hear if you discover more.

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