President Obama Makes His Way to Athens

I’d seen Barack Obama give a speech before, but not like this.

First off, at the time he wasn’t President Obama- just a democratic senator from the state of Illinois. Secondly, I was in high school. It was new and exciting, but I wasn’t nearly as well-versed on political issues as I am now. Lastly, I was one amongst a sea of Cincinnatians, ranging in age, political party, and background.

This time, on October 17th, 2012, the President spoke to a crowd of 14,000 on College Green. And this time, the vibe was completely different.

President Obama catered his speech to Ohio University students and the region. He discussed critical issues that pertain to college students such as college debt and loans, stopping the outsourcing of jobs and job creation, and fair pay for women. He also encouraged students to get out and vote!

The crowd was second best to the brilliant speech the president made. The Obama campaign brought great pride to Athens, Ohio last Wednesday. There was enthusiasm and a sincere thirst for awareness from students, faculty and others. The fact that the Obama campaign made its way to Athens showed great appreciation for the Appalachian region and reminded its residents that they are not forgotten. Not to mention, Bobcats loved the shout—out President Obama made to the successful football team!

Obama supporter or not, this speech was a historic moment for Ohio University. It was an opportunity not every college student gets in their four years. I know I will look back on the day I saw the President of the United States speak on College Green! It’s the historic and rare opportunities such as this one that stay with you forever.


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