The Art of Taking Initiative

When it comes to a college experience we all have a basic understanding of what goes on: you go to class, meet with advisors, enjoy yourself on the weekend, etc. Sometimes it feels like we are stuck on repeat for four years of our lives. “The best four years” or not, it is important to take as much away from the college experience as possible. This goes beyond the classroom and beyond the party.

My advice to any college student is to get involved. Students are unaware of the networking connections that occur within a university setting. My position with the Voinovich School is an example of an opportunity that brought me to my realization.

Whether it is an organization advisor, boss, professor or fellow student, it is important to take advantage of services and advice. Behind each relationship is a door to a wonderful opportunity. Students must take the initiative to get to know someone and open the door. You never know what experiences might lay behind it.

At the Voinovich School, we are lucky to have mentors and bosses that position themselves as “door-openers.” I feel as if every day I am invited to a new educational conference. From the Rural Health Conference, to the Budget Hero Game Initiative, to the Waste to Wealth Conference, Voinovich students are given chances to expand academic, economic, and political horizons. And as Voinovich School students and research scholars, we jump at every opportunity.

It’s initiative like this that will make Voinovich students more marketable in the long- run. General knowledge about important regional issues extends further than one might think. Through research, guidance, academics, and real-world application, Voinovich students are becoming well suited for future jobs and networking prospects.

Although we are fortunate to have “door-openers” surrounding us, they don’t just magically appear out of thin air. It all goes back to the individual’s desire to take initiative. Sometimes it is just one introduction, one handshake or one email that generates a snow-ball effect for success as a student, club member or employee. Once you get the ball rolling, your possibilities become endless!

So be open; open doors and try new things. Aim for things you doubt yourself on. You never know where it will take you!


2 thoughts on “The Art of Taking Initiative

  1. Thanks for all your hard work Mollie on the Budget Hero serious game initiative event, making the first explicit Woodrow Wilson Center and Voinovich School collaboration a success.

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