Job Search Tips

As May and graduation quickly approaches I have now entered full job search mode. It has been a very trying experience for me, but I have learned from it. Therefore, I thought I would take this blog post to talk about tips I have learned when searching for jobs. Before I get into those tips, remember that searching jobs can often be very frustrating, but just keep trucking along because you are not alone in the frustration.

1. The first tip I can give is to review your cover letters and resumes. This is a no brainer for a lot of people, but these documents are really what showcase your abilities and experiences you have. Let someone you work with review the documents, like a supervisor, to make sure they are as polished as they can be. Nothing can be more of a turn off to a potential employer than a sloppy resume.

2. Start early and look often. Myself and a few of my cohort started looking in December… even though this is pretty early it will detour a lot of stress and frustration you will have in this process. Jobs come up all the time so take a day of the week when you have some free time to look for jobs. My day is Friday because I am usually worn down from the week on school work and GA work, so this is a good change of pace for me.

3. Use the internet to its fullest. There are a lot of tools out there that can make the job search a lot easier. One of them is a job bank… by just taking the time to apply for these banks they will, in return, send you weekly emails about potential jobs that are close to what you are looking for. I have applied for numerous jobs through these job banks and have found how many appealing jobs I would have not found without these banks.

4. Be confident… many of us already have some real world experience through the Voinovich School. We have lead projects, complied data, and even presented to groups of professionals. When you are looking for jobs be open to learning new things, but also know that you can accomplish a lot because you have already been doing it for the past two years or so. You are not going to get an interview for every job you apply for, but keep trucking along because we as MPA students are prepared to take on any challenge.


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