Happy spring break from around the globe: Be sure to connect with nature

Isn’t it amazing how time flies? Who imagined we would get to spring break this soon. I know the break comes as a sweet relief for most of you who have been pretty busy working on class assignments or independent research projects.

Well, in the spirit of spring break, I am not going to bore you with a lengthy article detailing how some rural farmer is adapting to Climate Change in a far flung village of Western Kenya or how the Mongolian government has reformed and embraced environmental stewardship or even how Voinovich School is partnering with other stakeholders to advance knowledge in clean energy technology in the country.

Instead, this week I am suggesting a few things that you may pick on to spice up your spring break experience. I am going to table the suggestions in a short while, but before that allow me to assert that you are free to be innovative so that this is personalized and the experience made more memorable and of course enjoyable.

Now to the suggestions, lets see how our minds shift by looking at our energy sources:
• Think about where the electricity you use in your apartment or at your parents’ house comes from (Think in the line of Solar, Natural gas, Coal and not the electricity companies).

• Do a little Internet research, (Research? Jeremiah, it’s spring break, duh? Well, I know this kinda sucks but do it anyway ), on how and where your electricity is produced. Be sure to check the work of non-profits in those regions as well i.e. what is their focus? Etc.

• When all is done, assume your home was in one of these production areas. Would you have viewed the world differently from how you view it now?

Enough on the electricity, weather permitting, how about you and your best friend(s) take a few hours break from the computer games and take a walk in the woods? Be sure to take some amazing pictures and then share with your friends on the social media and post some as comments below this article for us to see as well.

Lets see what you come up with.

Until next week, stay eco-conscious and have a happy Spring break!


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