A New Year, A New Opportunity

By: Zoe Graham

Looking back four years ago at my ambitious 18-year-old self, I could have only dreamed where I would be now. Beginning my fifth year of my undergraduate degree, I made a promise to myself that I would leave Athens and Ohio University only after taking advantage of every educational opportunity and resource I could get my hands on. This begins with my Voinovich Undergraduate Research Scholar position.

I am three weeks into the school year, and already my mind has been broadened. I’ve learned that the School has a great impact on the regional community in terms of business creation/assistance and sustainability initiatives. Professionals seek the School for consulting and research.

One of my tasks as an Undergraduate Research Scholar is to collaborate with the Entrepreneurship and Regional Development program to create awareness and drive participation through various communication avenues about current events and programming. I am looking forward to attending and learning about these events, such as the Venture Cafés that enhance students’ educational experiences through real-world applications, including Start-Up Weekend this October. Using my perspective as a marketing major, I intend to immerse myself and dive into the “do tank” of programs the Voinovich School offers in hope of sharing others’ experiences as well as my own.

A year ago I completed my Global Leadership Certificate. I loved this program and obtained life skills, such as collaborating as a team with multidisciplinary students in all walks of life to organize and implement ideas into a well-communicated product that I have applied to nearly all my areas of interest. I intend to build on these skills to promote the Voinovich School through the web.

Engaging in programs beyond those required for my degree opened my mind to the many possibilities available through Ohio University. The Voinovich School is one of the few professional opportunities offered where students, businesses and organizations work together, engaging students to “think, lead, and innovate.”

A mantra I live by is, “make it happen.” I strive to work toward something larger than myself through creativity, hard work and passion. I see the Voinovich School as a great place to hone  my marketing and communication skills as a part of a collaborative team. I am excited to see where working at the Voinovich School leads and intend to take advantage of the great knowledge and experience available through this unique school.


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