Everyone Can Make A Difference

By: L Volpe 

This semester, Dr. Millesen has revamped the Nonprofit Management Class and has arranged to take us to visit different nonprofit organizations that are doing exceptional and transformational work in their communities.  I had not understood the magnitude of being introduced to these remarkable organizations until I started looking at this class from a social justice point of view and realized how they are changing the face of society.

During our first class we visited the Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities (http://www.fairfielddd.com).  This organization has gone from a sheltered workshop that packaged cereal to a facility that is actively integrating their clients into the community. The Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities owns a number of stores in the community used to train their clients in real world situations.  Because people with disabilities are stigmatized and have a hard time gaining meaningful employment, the Board advocates for them in the world.

This organization, and the others that we are learning about in this class, understands that change happens when you take action.  How different would our world be if every organization worked to break down stereotypes and push the envelope of what is considered ‘normal’?  I’m excited to use this semester with my nonprofit and social justice class to continue to think outside the box and eventually use my education from the Voinovich School to be a part of an organization that breaks down the walls of social inequality.


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