Volunteer abroad with GIVE!

Volunteer in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Thailand and Laos with GIVE!

Immerse yourself in a foreign culture, have an adventure of a lifetime, be the root of change — and earn college credit at the same time.

GIVE volunteering is a great opportunity for Voinovich students to pursue community development and service learning overseas. As a GIVE volunteer, you will build schools out of recyclable materials, implement fresh water projects, teach English, and complete marine and environmental conservation projects.

Volunteers are embedded in the host country’s culture and participate in incredible adventure travel within the region.  You can expect overnight safaris in Africa, sand-boarding down an active volcano in Nicaragua, meditating with Buddhist monks in Laos, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins and sharks in tropical waters, surfing, cave exploration and much more.

You can also earn academic credit through GIVE’s UNIV 304 International Sustainable Development course. Make the world your classroom and help communities abroad!

If you missed GIVE’s information sessions at Ohio University, check out their website or watch their Seeing Is Believing video.


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