Applications due Oct. 18 for Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Only one month remains to apply for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards! The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is a premier global competition for undergraduate students who own and operate for-profit businesses and have done so for at least six months. Applicants compete against their peers regionally, nationally and globally for the chance to win capital and in-kind prizes from sponsor organizations. Last years’ award winner received business services and $20,000 in cash.

Students who meet the competition requirements and wish to compete can apply at, and must do so by Oct. 18, 2015, to be considered.

The first round, the Columbus Regional Competition, will take place Nov. 4, 2015, at the Ohio State University campus in Columbus. This will determine mentorship placement for students in preparation for the Columbus Finals on Jan. 14, 2016. The student(s) who advances past the Columbus finals will then compete at the United States National Competition in Miami on Feb. 9-11, 2016. One lucky winner from U.S. nationals will move on to the global round May 10-12, 2016, when the top 50 students from 50 countries will go head to head in Bangkok.

The GSEA competition was founded in 1998 by Saint Louis University, and is now an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) program. EO GSEA supports student entrepreneurs who require mentorship, recognition and connections to take their businesses to the next level of success. Its mission is to inspire students to adopt entrepreneurial endeavors by bringing global visibility to undergraduate business owners whose companies are innovative, profitable and socially responsible and adhere to high ethical standards.


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