Study abroad summer 2016: Balkans Environmental Peacebuilding & Sustainability Expedition

The Ohio University Balkans Environmental Peacebuilding & Sustainability three-week academic expedition will visit Washington D.C., Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro with a combination of lectures and site visits in regional cities and hikes along the Peaks of Balkans Trail, lodging along the way in eco-villages, home stays, mountain cabins and historic hotels.  Students will gain a hands-on understanding of transboundary environmental peacebuilding, ecotourism and sustainability efforts as this tri-border mountainous region with two new countries recovers from civil war and decades of communism.

Through this experience, students will have a chance to further develop professional skills such as corresponding with a translator, conducting active interviews, working on projects to benefit a local organization and applying the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Transboundary Conservation Assessment in a group project.
May 8 – 30, 2016
Cost: Seven credits of tuition, plus program fee and airfare
More info at:

This program, featuring three Environmental Studies program classes, satisfies two class requirements (including the capstone) of the Environmental Studies Undergraduate Certificate. It is open to undergraduates and graduate students from Ohio University and other U.S. universities (all students eligible for in-state tuition.) Students in Global Studies and other programs that require longer overseas stays as part of their degree or certificate requirements can work with program co-leaders to explore internships with local partners after the formal in-country portion of the program ends.

This program is a partnership with International Peace Park Expeditions and Ohio University. This year’s expedition co-leaders are highly experienced experts in environmental peacebuilding, ecotourism, sustainability and outdoor education:  Danny Twilley of OHIO’s Recreation Sport Pedagogy Program and Todd Walters, executive director of International Peace Park Expeditions.


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