CE3 Brownbag 4: Mary Anne Flournoy, Sugar Bush Foundation

“Giving Back, Looking Forward: A Commitment to Community” with Mary Anne Flournoy, Sugar Bush Foundation President and Co-Founder
Friday, November 6, at Noon
Bldg 22, The Ridges, Room 221
Pizza will be provided!

The Consortium for Energy Economics and the Environment (CE3) welcomes Mary Anne Flournoy, president and co-founder of the Sugar Bush Foundation, as she discusses her local environmental and social justice advocacy work and her career at Ohio University. She will also share the vision that led to the development of the Foundation 30 years ago to help the University and local communities improve the quality of life in Appalachian Ohio through civic engagement and sustainable environmental and socioeconomic development.

Flournoy is the associate director emerita of the Center for International Studies and is a member of Women in Philanthropy. She earned her Ph.D. from Ohio University, B.A. from Rice University and M.A.T. from Johns Hopkins. She received the Social Justice Award from United Campus Ministry in 2009 for her longtime involvement in many community organizations across the region.

To learn more about the Sugar Bush Foundation, watch this YouTube Video.

Additional upcoming CE3 Brownbags include:
Nov. 13: Balkans Delegation (Environmental Studies special session)
Nov. 20: Tracy Sabetta, Initiative Consulting


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