Ohio Legislative Service Commission fellowship program offers university graduates experience in the legislative process

Ohio University graduates with an interest in the legislative process who will have completed a bachelor’s degree by December, 2016 are encouraged to apply for the paid Ohio Legislative Service Commission (LSC) fellowship program. The program spans 13 months, from December, 2016 until December 31, 2017, and offers full state of Ohio employee benefits in addition to $28,000 per year and an opportunity to earn a $2,000 bonus.

A total of 22 fellows will work with party caucuses in either the Ohio House or Senate, while two additional fellows in telecommunications will work directly with the LSC research and fiscal staff, engaging in research, speechwriting and other administrative tasks.

Work as an LSC fellow will benefit anyone seeking additional understanding of state government and the legislative process, while advancing the careers of those seeking employment in the legislature, state government or other public service arenas.

Aspiring fellows may apply to either the legislative fellowship by April 1, 2016, or the telecommunications fellowship by April 30.

For more detailed information and to apply, click here.


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