The Voinovich Collections, a treasure trove of archival documents, slowly goes digital

Sen. George Voinovich served as mayor of Cleveland for nine years, governor of Ohio for eight and as a U.S. senator for 12. During that time the Senator acquired an impressive set of documents and materials pertaining to his work on public private partnerships, urban revitalization, health care policy, environmental issues, U.S. foreign relations within the Balkans region, the war in Iraq and more. Upon his retirement in 2011, the Senator donated to two institutions: Ohio University’s Mahn Center for Archives & Special Collection at Alden Library and the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland.

Ohio University received all documents pertaining to Voinovich’s two terms as governor of Ohio (1990–98) and his two terms in the U.S. Senate (1998–2010). These documents amount to a treasure trove that students don’t often get the chance to explore. However, the Voinovich Collections Fellowship offers faculty the opportunity to bring the Voinovich Collections into the classroom through use of the Voinovich Archival Collections website and associated digitized content.

To learn more about the Voinovich Collections and the fellowship, click here.


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