Scripps Innovation Challenge Launches Fifth Annual Competition

scripps_inno_challeng_280by220_whiteThe Scripps Innovation Challenge, one of the nation’s most premiere student innovation contests, will commence their fifth annual competition. The official Scripps Innovation Challenge Kickoff event will be held on September 21 at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth floor of the Schoonover Center.

Students who are interested in participating should make sure to attend the kickoff event, where they will learn everything they will need to know to participate in the competition and potentially help them find teammates. The fun event will also feature food, music and prizes.

The Scripps Innovation Challenge is designed for students to solve real world media and communication problems, and compete for monetary prizes. Although the challenge is put on by the Scripps College of Communication, the competition is open to any student of the University.

Teams will choose one of the multiple “challenges” selected for this year, and create an innovative solution to address the problem. This part of the competition is due on the last day of classes this semester. To learn more about the competition, check out the Scripps Innovation Challenge website.

This year, $18,000 will be awarded in prizes for different aspects of the competition. The first round of judging will award 10 teams with $500 prizes. From that group of 10, four teams will be selected to pitch their ideas to industry professionals. Those four teams will compete for First place ($7,000), second place ($2,500), and two honorable mention prizes ($1,000). A $1,500 diversity enhancement prize will also be awarded to the team who best addresses an underserved and underrepresented audience.

Participants of the Scripps Innovation Challenge can walk away with invaluable learning experience, a new component to their resume, and help in landing a job.


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