Caleb Hawkins: “Remembering George Voinovich, one stream at a time”


Hawkins, working on a stream reclamation project.

Caleb Hawkins graduated from the Voinovich School with a Master of Science in Environmental Studies in 2015, and while he never met the late Senator George Voinovich, he considers himself to be part of the senator’s living legacy.

Hawkins recently published a column on articulating the point. Hawkins addressed his education at the Voinovich School, saying that it embodied the moral code and dedication to public service of Senator Voinovich.

“Beyond science, we learn other fundamentals that reflect Voinovich the person: pragmatism, teamwork, and collaboration,” Hawkins writes.

Hawkins views his current work on stream restoration as contributing, in a small way, to the senator’s lifelong mission of advancing the public good.

Click here to read Hawkins’ article in its entirety.


Hawkins presented his column on 9/22/16 at the Federal Government Alumni Luncheon in D.C., which honored Senator Voinovich.


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