Cheshire Ohio Screening with Panel on 10/5


The Common Experience Project on Sustainability at Ohio University will have a free screening of the film Cheshire, Ohio, on October 5 from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Athena Cinema uptown.

The film Cheshire, Ohio explores the sale of Cheshire, Ohio to the American Electric Power company (AEP) following concerns by Cheshire community members of the impacts of air pollution to the community by the AEP owned James M. Gavin Power plant. It also looks at the concerns residents face from the plants use of coal to generate electricity and expansion of an additional landfill for coal ash.

A panel discussion will follow the film with film producer Eve Morgenstern; Natasha Maidoff, Film Studies, Ohio University; Geoff Buckley, Geography, Ohio University; Jack Wright, Film professor emeriti, Ohio University; Dan Karney, Energy Economics, Ohio University; Chase Goodwin, English, Ohio University; and, Neil Waggoner, Sierra Club.

This event is supported by the Arts and Sciences Sustainability Studies Theme, Arts and Sciences Sense of Place theme, Patton College of Education, Appalachian Rural Health Institute, Environmental Studies and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.


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