Ohio University, Voinovich School, TechGROWTH to sponsor SSTI’s 2016 Annual Conference

The State Science and Technology Institute (SSTI) is offering scholarships for graduate students to attend their upcoming annual conference and Colloquium on Science and Innovation Policy Research and Practice in Columbus, Ohio from November 1 – 3. TechGROWTH Ohio, the Voinovich School and Ohio University’s Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Activity are proud sponsors of this year’s conference.

With financial support from National Science Foundation Science of Science and Innovation Policy (NSF SciSIP), eight to 10 students at the master’s or doctorate level can receive funding to cover conference expenses. The scholarships are being provided to offer students the opportunity to have new policy inquires and ideas for research, network with practitioners, and to witness the connection of research to the real world.

The theme of their 20th event is Innovation with Purpose: Shaping Future Opportunities. The conference is focused on stepping outside the traditional idea of creating jobs and economic growth, and to honing in on purposeful outcomes through innovation. Attendees will range from policymakers, stakeholders and practitioners. Members attending will get the opportunity to hear from speakers ‘who challenge conventional wisdom,’ partake in mindfulness and yoga practices, and breakout sessions of their choosing.

To apply and learn more about this opportunity, review the following  information pamphlet. The only requirement is that participants of the scholarship write a brief narrative reflecting on their experience.

Visit SSTI’s 2016 Annual Conference website for more information about the conference and to register.

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