Scripps Innovation Challenge Announces Environmental Challenge

A special environmental challenge has been issued by the Scripps Innovation Challenge with sponsorship from the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC). Students are tasked with creating innovative fundraising methods, tools or strategies geared to those who care deeply about the environment. This can be anything from adding a “donate” button to the NRDC Facebook, or a completely new way to fundraise online. The only requirement is that the solution must be uniquely geared to their base demographic most likely to give to NRDC.

To enter in the challenge, students can sign-up here to receive information about special insider sessions or to find teammates. While individuals can enter, teams usually fare better. To enroll, participants must write a three-page paper explaining the solution, prepare a short presentation slideshow (seven slides max) or an infographic explain the idea and then have a separate short explanation of how the solution is innovative. These are due the last day of classes for fall semester for entry.

All OHIO students, undergraduate and graduate, are encouraged to enter. Participants from all majors are welcome.



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